Kernersville News Question #11

Once a week the KernersvilleNews are asking Candidates of Kernersville's local election a question to be featured in the KernersvilleNews paper.

This week's Question and Answer with John Stafford Stanley.

Q: What do you see the primary role of alderman being?

A: The primary role of the Alderman, the Mayor, and the Town Manager is to serve our citizens as a unified body. Within our form of local government, the Aldermen are to represent the citizens, working closely with the Town Manager and our departments in order to accomplish the goals that serve our community. It is the goal of the Aldermen to communicate with citizens and to bring that information up to the board so that the board can be well informed. It is also the role of Aldermen to educate citizens and champion transparency in our community.

John Stafford Stanley is looking for volunteers.

If you would like to help out and supply support please contact us today to learn more about volunteering with John Stafford Stanley.

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