Kernersville News Question 3

Once a week the KernersvilleNews are asking Candidates of Kernersville's local election a question to be featured in the KernersvilleNews paper.

This week's Question and Answer with John Stafford Stanley.

Q: The Kernersville Police Department has been described as the pride of Kernersville by many. If you are elected, will you support the current level of funding and personnel the KPD receives at present or are you an advocate for changing future funding levels, personnel and/or organization of the department?

A: I believe a town's goals are to maintain a safe atmosphere while encouraging trust with residents, law enforcement, and visitors. My focus is not on the police department's funding levels but rather on the quality of life for our residents and all our personnel. We have some really great law enforcement personnel here in Kernersville. I plan on working closely with our police department, supporting them with their needs to serve our town while continuing to grow trust and our quality of life. I believe a strongly connected community will see fewer violent crimes and less destruction of property. Our municipality should be focused on strengthening our partnerships for a safer environment and maintaining our quality of life. I am confident I can help our town accomplish this.

John Stafford Stanley is looking for volunteers.

If you would like to help out and supply support please contact us today to learn more about volunteering with John Stafford Stanley.

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