Kernersville News Question 4

Once a week the KernersvilleNews are asking Candidates of Kernersville's local election a question to be featured in the KernersvilleNews paper.

This week's Question and Answer with John Stafford Stanley.

Q: Had you ever been involved with local town government or attended board meetings before deciding to run for elected office? How so or why not, and does it matter?

A: My determination to run coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, so I did not have the opportunity to attend a meeting in person during that time. I reviewed meetings online and have been able to attend in-person since reopening. I believe it's very important for willing members of our town to attend and be involved. One of my goals as an Alderman will be to involve as many voices as possible in our meetings. Growing up I was surrounded by many influential members of this town. I remember fondly sitting at Mrs. Winners having biscuits for breakfast listening to the stories and conversing with town leaders. As many locals know, this was the place to be early mornings if you were involved with the town. Even with our town's growth, I believe we can continue to inspire and encourage involvement just as we did when we were a small tight-knit community.

John Stafford Stanley is looking for volunteers.

If you would like to help out and supply support please contact us today to learn more about volunteering with John Stafford Stanley.

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