KernersvilleNews Question 1

Once a week the KernersvilleNews are asking Candidates of Kernersville's local election a question to be featured in the KernersvilleNews paper.

This week's Question and Answer with John Stafford Stanley.

Q: Introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us about yourself and your background. What do (or did) you do for a living? How are you involved in the local community?

A: Like most residents in Kernersville, I grew up learning that hard work, family, and community effort are the keys to success. I started out in my family’s business, learning construction and the basics of marketing and design. This also afforded me time to work with and get to know many businesses in town.  After the 2007-08 collapse, I started working at Timco Aviation as a mechanic. After years of personal and educational growth, I founded a marketing/consulting firm. Growing up in Kernersville I have seen the community change and grow, but the one thing that remains constant is that people here look out for one another. I have always been willing to assist where I can, either with volunteer opportunities or simply assisting a neighbor in need. I have been blessed with a supportive wife and two young sons who encourage my work and growth within this community.

John Stafford Stanley is looking for volunteers. If you would like to help out and supply support please contact us today to learn more about volunteering with John Stafford Stanley.

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